Microwave Ovens Radiation Leakage Testing

At Assured Asset Testing, we think it’s vital that your microwave ovens are as safe as possible. This is because the radioactive energy they generate can have a harmful effect on your health if the machines are not properly cared for and tested.

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What are microwave ovens and how do they work?

Microwave ovens create energy that can be used to heat food. They penetrate items placed inside the devices and cause the water contained within to vibrate rapidly, causing your food to heat up at a quick pace.

What are the microwave oven safety concerns?

It’s not dangerous to eat or be around food that has been cooked in a microwave oven. However, leakage emitted by these ovens could potentially be harmful if you don’t keep up regular microwave maintenance.

Safe, properly maintained microwave ovens have two or more safety devices that stop microwaves from being generated as soon as the door is opened, keeping all radioactive energy inside. Leakage can occur around the door, and while the door seals typically restrict this leakage to a safe limit, these seals can deteriorate over time. If anything becomes caught in the door seals or you often slam the door to the appliance, you may be more at risk of microwave oven radiation leakage which can damage the health of those in the environment.

How can Assured Asset Testing help?

We can use a microwave leakage tester to ensure your environment isn’t being negatively impacted by radioactive energy. When used correctly, microwave ovens in good condition shouldn’t present health risks, however it is important to schedule in assessments with one of our trained technicians to ensure all is working as it should. Damaged, old or deteriorated microwave ovens should be inspected as soon as you notice any changes to ensure any leakage does not exceed the recommended level.

Our technicians inspect the microwave oven for any signs of physical damage. Then using a microwave radiation detector, a radiation leakage test is carried out to make sure your microwave ovens meet Australian safety standards. Our electricians and technicians are all fully qualified and we use only the most advanced tools to guarantee the best quality work. We can also provide certification tags and schedule in future services to help keep everything up to date.